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The Importance of Education for Women
Chie Kato


The present time, most of women can take high level education same as men in Japan. After graduate high school, we can choose to go to a university or not in their mind. But see all the countries of the world, women’s standards of education are lower than men’s. There are a lot of women who can’t receive education in the world; especially most people are in South Asia and Africa. For women, what is importance of education? To get good job? To live comfortable? If you take high level education, what is waiting for you in the future?

I think that idea about importance of education for women is different every nation. In this seminar, I met four women who came from different countries, Zimbabwe, Uruguay, Norway, and Bangladesh. Especially, Masline who came from Zimbabwe has unique job. She is majoring in engineering at the college. I think her major is unusual for women not only in her country but also in Japan.
Some people might think that to take education is necessary for women to live but there are people who think take education for women is not necessary, take up home making is more important. When you live in Japan, you might do not much notice preciousness of education. But there are still people who cannot go to school enough various reasons in the world.

Ⅱ Background 
It all started from experienced to study abroad last year. There are people of various countries, occupations, age, religion and thinking. For example, I heard in Islam country, all women who want to study abroad have to come with men like her husband or brother. And person who can take high level education is only rich.
Why are there many women who can’t go to school in the world? According to the Unicef homepage, there are many country which have problem of sexual discrimination,

Depending on the country, I found thinking, value of education is different and I especially interested women’s education all over the world.