Welcome To my Wikispace

My name is Leonardo, but I prefer to be called Leo, I don’t like my complete name that much. I’m 22 years old and I’m sitting up for the CAE exam this year. So, the extra practice that I can get is perfect for me. New year and a new career for me. I did 3 three years of computer programming but I wasn’t motivated enough to continue studying. I'll talk a bit about me, my carrer, my dreams and my hobbies.

This year I just started graphic design, and I really like it. This career is fundamentally about advertisements and logotypes creation. You are also supposed to learn how to create typography and Fonts. You need to be skillful within your hands and also with your mind. Graphic designers must be really creative and smart to solve problems the fastest that you can.

I decided that because when I was in the high school I was really good at Drawing and Arts, moreover I hated to death numbers so it wasn’t so difficult to decide. I really like computers but, programming is so complicated and rather bored. In my free times, mostly in the nights, I like to spend lot of time playing on-line games, through internet of course, and also chatting with people around the world. I have lots of friends who speak English and I enjoy the time talking to them, that’s why I loved to have this chance to learn a bit more.

I’m a boy, so I also like sports; I’m good at playing tennis, when I was 17 I used to play a lot and I won a couple of tournaments in that time. Nowadays I’m practicing Tae Kwondo, which is from my point of view the greatest martial art, because of the use of extraordinary kicks and techniques in which you are supposed to jump really high and powerfully beat your opponents, but don’t missanderstood me I’m a really peacefull person. Its origin is In Korea, and the person who invented it, had died recently. It’s a modern art, and it’s based in Kung-Fu (the Hawk style) and also Karate-Do.

About a topic to talk with my future partner, I’d like to talk about their culture, wherever she be, or music, videogames and advanced technology. Well, I’m really exited about how this project will continue.

Since a was a kid I wanted to go abroad. Year after year, I knew lots of places, like Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay in other, and I enjoy a lot to meet people with a different culture and a different language most of all. I think that’s the reason of having studying so much time english, and is because I want to go to the United States, don’t know preciscely where... but If I could, I’d go without hesitating it.

I would also like to go to any Asian country, principaly Japan. I love their culture, I studyied a couple of years that wonderful language, but I dropped ‘cause a matter of time.... such a pity. Concluding my dream and the other half of the world would be to go abroad... and visit lots of countries and learn about differents cultures all over the world!

I like to draw also, anime most of all, but I don’t have a complete mastery in that subject. I’d like to draw better and improve my ilustration skills, so as to be the better designer ever! I spend a lot of time drawing in the computer, and trying which software is the best to do what I want, and of course to edit pictures is my hobbie I could say.

I can talk a lot more about me, but this is a good beginig I suppose. Thanks for reading... and see u nex time XD

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