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I'm Maria Lila, from Rosario, Argentina. I'm 17 and I’ve been studying English since I was 8 in Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa (ARCI), a private institute. I’m still studying at school, actually this is my last year and I’m truly anxious of starting college. I'm hesitating about which career I'd choose, Graphic Designer or Advertising, but for sure I can say that I want to finish school and begin a new stage!

I love meeting new people and when my teacher Rita told us about this experience I decided to get involved in it because I believe it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop our English by communicating with students for around the world. I had already have others experiences with foreign students but it was not like this, we concentrated more in the oral skill. Considering writing as one of my hobbies, I can affirm that IWE has opened me a door to a different way of studying abroad this wonderful language.

I would use this space to share with you some aspects of me and my culture.

I hope you enjoy it!!


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