The International Writing Exchange (IWE) was started by Ruth Vilmi in 1993 with her own students at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) together with undergraduates around the world. The courses ran in six-week courses or rounds with weekly deadlines, throughout the year until 2005, when Ruth retired from her post at TKK. In June 2006, we celebrated the 50th Round of the IWE and started an intercultural counterpart, the ICE. (See below) The IWE courses continue to run at least 4 times a year, and can be tailored at any time.
Read about the History of the IWE (1993 - 2005) and listen to our very first Webcast where teachers and students tell about their experiences (and I give a running commentary on my technical problems!!).

The International Culture Exchange (ICE) wiki was started by Ruth Vilmi in June 2006 to celebrate the 50th Round of the International Writing Exchange (IWE). Unlike the IWE, there are no weekly deadlines. Tell us about YOUR culture and learn about ours. Tell us something new, if possible, or show photos you have taken about your local history, traditions, festivals, food and all kinds of culture. Use the 'discussion' link at the top to comment on our work, and write to ruth.vilmi(at) if you'd like to join us. use the DiscussIt (ICE) logo inthe top left corner to get back to this home page.

International Writing Exchange for 2011-2015

IWE is now on Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) non-profit network of international educators that provides free professional development workshops for educators around the world. Join the next round of school year at IT4ALL at IWE for 2014-2015

Join EVO15 IWE for teachers to learn how to become an IWE teacher on Moodle and WizIQ from January 12 - February 19, 2015. Registration on each year will available at the International Writing Exchange (IWE) on WizIQ

Video of IWE in 2014-2015 on Youtube

Join the live online event broadcast from New Orleans TESOL convention on March 19, 2011 at 11 PST (New Orleans) and if you miss it go to the same link and view the recording.

Ruth's Culture Page, on local Finnish culture, including a link to her personal art and photo gallery.

Join the ICE teachers and their class culture spaces
All IWE teachers are automatically invited to be members of the ICE and can create content on their own space. Other teachers are invited to comment join us with their classes.
COPYRIGHT NOTE: respect the work done by other people; ask for permission when possible and always mention your source. Otherwise, simply add a link. Basically, the idea of the wiki space is that you write about your culture yourself and add photos and other work that you have done yourself, with links to relevant complementary work done by others. Stealing or plagiarism is a crime! Take a look at and note how others have used their spaces.

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